Walking along the bustling street in the quaint historic region of Beirut known as Mar Mikael one would never guess that there is a hub of chic modernity perched atop this ancient building. Turn into a tiny Arabesque doorway and there awaits a shining glass elevator ready to whisk you to the rooftops.

Stepping out of the elevator there is a sense of mystery and adventure. What awaits beyond the screen and romantic bookshelves?

Peer around and be engulfed in a wave of music and fun. Dancing, on the floor, on the table, where you are, never mind! Look up to see the iconic sea creature arching across the rooftops. Some call it a shark, others a whale, some a dolphin. We will leave that up to you.

Cocktails, appetizers, finger food and good times are delivered throughout the summer months from the early evening to the dawn. An icon of the Lebanese love for life.