Museums around the world attract millions of tourists a year, all longing to catch a glimpse of a past life, and to revel in the nostalgia of memories.

El Denye hek, is a restaurant created within a very historical setting.

By climbing up a small and charming staircase you enter an old-world setting of what Lebanon was like many years ago. There is an ancient well, where water used to be drawn, viewed through a stunning glass floor. There are small caves where your mind begins to wonder about Aladin and pirates and smugglers and exciting tales of yore.

However, the core of every amazing restaurant is not just it’s charm and ambience, it is its food and service.El Denye hek never fails to delight. The eclectic food presentation and the traditional taste of Lebanese cuisine combine to deliver a marvellous experience. Shisha, nargileh, water pipes, whichever you prefer to call them, are available and the ambience is one of fun and happiness

On certain days of the week, the atmosphere builds as a local musician plays aoud while his friend plays the traditional Lebanese drums. A rich sense of belonging makes for many a wistful memory; haunting! Calling you back for one more visit.