Ahwak was created for those who have come to love Abd El Wahab’s wonderful cuisine but crave a more casual environment in which to enjoy it.

Ahwak breathes friendliness and homeliness into each customer experience, bringing with it a twist of modernity to age-old favourites. It is a place to play cards, or backgammon, what we like to call “Tawleh” in Lebanon, and frequently shouts of triumph accompany groans of dismay as a game plays out.

Food, family, fun, freshness are all synonyms for Ahwak. The presentation of the food is exciting and the dessert creations are splendid. The unique interpretation of the presentation of classical Lebanese dishes is what creates the thrill of dining at Ahwak.

Terraces and nargilleh (waterpipes or shisha) are always an integral part of this concept and add to the ambience of meeting together to enjoy the nuances of the brand.

Widely spread across the Arab world, Ahwak has become equally as well-known as its sister brand.