A long time ago, in old Beirut there were two very well known restaurants. One was French and the other Italian. As Beirut began to modernize and new developments sprang up all over the city, so the old had to make way for the new. As with all good things, they have to come to an end, or do they?

Not so with these two restaurants. A clever weaving together of two great concepts created a beautiful new brand called DUO, that brought two amazing cuisines under one roof. As the brand evolved, so it included Japanese cuisine too, in the form of sushi.

DUO is a true home away from home and attracts over 80% repeat customers on a regular basis. This is a powerful testimony to the level of service that DUO provides, and to the irresistible quality of its food.

Typically DUO restaurants are situated in the middle of thriving, trendy spots where cool people go to hang out.