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    Abd El Wahab

    Designed to be one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town, Abd el Wahab has forged such a reputation for itself, that it has become quite a trademark in Lebanese cuisine.

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    Ahwak Café

    Ahwak Café is a trendy Lebanese restaurant serving
    traditional food in a modern way using
    “Abd El Wahab” authentic recipes and ingredients.

  • story restaurant


    At the heart of Duo’s success is the quality of our food
    and our unique personalized service, which expresses
    our team’s passion for offering guests an exquisite and delightful experience.

  • Our Restaurants

    El Denye hek

    Museums around the world attract millions of tourists a year, all longing to catch a glimpse of a past life, and to revel in the nostalgia of memories.

  • Our Restaurants

    Beirut by Grill

    Beirut by grill, better known as BBG, is a Lebanese fast food experience. It excels in being fresh, fast and clean!

  • Our Restaurants


    Walking along the bustling street in the quaint historic region of Beirut known as Mar Mikael one would never guess that there is a hub of chic modernity perched atop this ancient building.

  • Our Restaurants


    MED is a casual dining restaurant with a modern spirit. Beautiful Mediterranean colours mixed with flavours from around the shores of the sea meld together to create a delightful dining experience.



We Enjoy What We Do

we seek to set industry standards not to follow them

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About Ghia Holding

Our story is one of passion mixed with ambition

Our passion is to share our love of great food, firstly throughout Lebanon and then to the Middle East, and finally around the world.

Our ambition is to lead in our concepts, our food and our service.

To be the very best.

It’s a simple story, but one that we invest our very souls in.

The restaurant business is demanding, yet we demand more.

Customers ask for a lot, we deliver more.

Stories are great for reading, but we think that nothing compares to immersing yourself into a good story and living it for yourself. That is the essence of what we are all about.

If we can summarize our story in a few words, it would be this:

Continue to deliver exceptional service and value, for every single customer, every single time.

Then you may be getting close to what we believe!